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The Integrated Support Exospine (ISE) was developed to reduce the wear and tear seen in military personnel from repeated load bearing activities. When carrying packs and equipment, weight is distributed on the spine and shoulders, which can lead to chronic pain, degeneration of the disks, sprains and other injuries over time. These injuries are costly, unpleasant and reduce the number of soldiers available in the field.   


 The Exospine concept is to remove 100% of the current soldier load, bypassing the shoulders and back, and placing it on the structures designed to handle the load, the pelvis and legs. In addition to reducing the risk of pain and injury, the ISE has been demonstrated to improve performance, comfort and range of motion when used with military equipment. It can be retrofitted within minutes into existing packs and requires no tools for operation or maintenance.


 In addition to military applications, the ISE can be used to reduce injuries to law enforcement, emergency medical services and labor force personnel. Back related injuries in the workplace are costly and frequent, with an average of more than 200,000 incidents* requiring time away from work each year.  Providing the right equipment to reduce strains, sprains and degeneration will save costs in the short and long term, improving conditions for businesses and employees.  


* Bureau of Labor Statistics; Occupational Injury Nonfatal cases involving days away from work: Selected Characteristics 2003 – 2009 

After 17 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, working with some of the world’s finest heart surgeons and 21 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic with 3 hospital based practices, Dr. Michael Glenn put both professions to use in finding a protective and efficient mechanism to allow extreme performance in hostile environments. The ISE™ is designed to protect the shoulders and spine while allowing more efficient breathing to last longer, move faster and recover sooner.

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