How did the Exospine come about?

Hi,  I  am  Dr.  Michael  Glenn,  the  designer  and  developer  of  the  Integrated  Support  Exospine.    


It  came  about  when  a  very  athletic  and  well-­‐built  member  of  an  elite  military  unit  was  in  my   office  for  a  second  round  of  back  pain,  without  any  specific  trauma.  After  questioning  what   biomechanical  movements  were  involved  prior  to  the  pain  returning,  and in  order  to  determine  the   precise  mechanism  of  injury,  I  realized  that  instead  of  treating  for  pain  we  could  prevent  it.       The  more  I  studied  the  situation,  the  more  I  realized  I  was  seeing  the  same  causes  of  back  pain   seen  in  the  civilian  realm,  being  accelerated  in  the  younger  men  and  women  of  our  military  due   to  the  rigors  and  equipment  required  for  battle  and  protection.       Within  one  week,  I  had  the  solution  to  the  cause.  Going  back  to  what  my  old  basketball  coach   used  to  say...  that  all  movement  of  the  human  body  focuses  around  the  belly  button.  And  after   working  emergency  room  for  many  years  and  from  everything  I  studied  in  radiology  and   trauma,  rarely  is  the  pelvis  fractured  or  should  I  say  it's  design  is  strongest  for  constant   pressure.    Yet  having  treated  world  class  elite  amateur  athletes  I  knew  it  had  to  be  different   from  any  other  load-­‐bearing  system  ever  done  in  order  for  precise  and  efficient  movement  with   the  body.      



My Background

My  background     I'm  Dr.  Michael  Glenn  with  a  Doctorate    of  chiropractic  as  well  as  a  graduate  of  the  Advanced  standing   program  for  Respiratory  Therapy  from  Northwestern  University  Medical  School.    My  experience  has  been   unique  in  that  each  step  along  the  path  gave  me  experience  and  knowledge  needed  to  develop  the  first   bio-­‐mechanically  correct  load-­‐bearing  system  that  mirrors  the  movement  of  the  spine  and  pelvis.       While  treating  world  class  elite  amateur  athletes  in  Austin,  I  was  invited  to  work  with  the  wonderful   men  and  women  of  our  military.  It  was  there  that  I  developed  the  concepts  which  led  to  the  Exospine…      


Our  shoulders  are  in  effect  our  most  flexible  joint,  therefore  they  are  also  the  most  unstable  joint  and   are  not  designed  for  carrying  weight.  The  shoulder  girdle  does  not  have  the  strength  or  stability  of  our   pelvic  girdle.      

Recent study released on medical costs of back pain and arthritis versus more expensive neurologic injuries:


"Authors of the study estimate total combined costs of back pain and arthritis to be over $200 billion per year, exceeding total costs associated with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and limb loss."

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